Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to get rid of pimples in natural ways

There are many ways to get rid of pimples and many ways to prevent from getting it.

Last time i write about 10 ways to prevent pimples.

The question is, Is it effective ? Is it safe? 

Some methods are effective and others are not.
First , Let's discuss where the pimple came from .
Pimples also known as spots or zits are develop when oil glands become clogged and infected . 

Cause of getting pimples is sometimes the foods we ate and sometimes polluted air from environment.

Many people said that if you eat too much foods that have been made or cooked in oil then you will have a high chance of getting pimples.

Greasy foods are one source of getting pimples, So you better not to eat much like burgers. 

How to prevent or getting rid of it?

Here are my simplest ways and effective for me. 

First,lessen the foods with too much oil.
Second,always wash you face after you wake up and before go to sleep. It will prevent your face from getting oily.
Third, always use handkerchief.
Fourth, Drink plenty of water.

For those people that have pimples, it takes time to get rid of it, just don't squeeze it.
Hope it helps you to prevent and remove your pimples.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Microsoft Paint will stay and never be remove

last time i wrote about MS Paint for being removed from upcoming updates of Windows 10 here.

Many people react and feels sad about the news. But before the tears roll in your cheeks the Microsoft confirmed that they are not going to remove MS paint. 

Yes, the legendary and original art app will stay in your beloved PC.

Long Live The MS Paint

Monday, July 24, 2017

Pokemon Go Lugia and Articuno appear in Pokemon World

Last July 24 2017, Niantic the company behind Pokemon Go announced at Pokemon Fest in Grand Park Chicago, Illinois.That two legendary Pokemon Lugia and Articuno are now available.

Lugia are out in the wild while Articuno will be got at raid battles. The company also announced stating july 24, All trainers will get double experience points, candy and stardust. They will also increase the pokemon encounters and reduced the hatching time.

The event did not go well because of technical error. In the end they resolved the problem by increasing the wireless range of  two-miles radius around the festival ground.

People that ordered vodka surprise by Channing Tatum

After Magic mike and Hail ceasar , Channing Tatum launched his new brand of Born and Bred Vodka business .

Recently he surprised the customer of his business that ordered through Saucy app. to personally deliver the vodka into their house.

Several people shock and excited after they saw Tatum.
"Holly f--king shit," said by Britney, A female customer after seeing the hollywood actor present himself in front of her on the street.

And the girl requested tatum to bother her boyfriend.

"Please, let's go bother your boyfriend," Tatum says. "I would love to bother your long as he doesn't hit me, we're good."

After that many customers post their photos on instagram with Channing Tatum.

Windows 10 new update may remove MS paint

Since the beginning of Windows operating system, MS Paint is one its features before the appearance of Photoshop and other graphics editor . 

According to Microsoft the upcoming update which is " Fall Creators Update " in windows 10 may completely remove MS paint. Including Outlook Express, Reading list and Reader app. 

A 32-year-old MS paint will be induction by the New Paint 3D. This new paint features the classic  2D image editing and 3d image making tools.

The Microsoft didn't determine what is the exact date for removal of MS Paint. 
I think this a goodbye for MS Paint and thank you for the service.

Kitten with cat-shaped pattern

Entertainment is a big part of the internet but few can go viral for cats photos and videos.

This Photo of a kitten goes viral over the internet. A stray kitten was spotted on the street of Japan and posted by @TOKAITRICK_bot a Twitter user.

As you can see this cat have a pattern of a "cat" on its nose. This is not a work from Photoshop it is real spot of a kitten.

People who saw the picture urged the Twitter user @TOKAITRICK_bot to adopt the kitten, But he chose not to, because the viral-kitten had been part of a litter kittens.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bangladesh inventor invents affordable Air conditioner

 Summer a season where most people wants, Or not. Some other countries experience abnomal heat.

When facing this kind of heat the most unfortunate is the people living below the poverty line.
However they don't have to fret anymore. The solution to this problem can  be complete by gathering the recycle materials.

In the village of Daulatda in Bangladesh has only more than 28,000 populations. This village doesn't have access to neither running water and electricity. The highest temperature they can experience in their tiny hut is 113º F. 

In order to survive to this kind of heat. The citizens invented the so called electricity-free air conditioning system.

The materials they use to create this is made of strong cardboard and empty plastic bottles. 
The first thing they do is to cut a holes in the cardboard. After a series of holes the plastic bottle will cut into two parts. The top of the bottle or the bottle neck will be place in holes.

The device will be attached to the windows or doors. This theory of the device is like breathing. The air is much cooler when you purse your lips.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

#ran snake on Facebook doesn't work?

Many Facebook user are crazy about the #ran post. If you tried it before then your the victim of this trending post.

Sad to say the #ran post of Facebook are fake, here is the reason why it didn't work.

The Facebook decided to celebrate and give Honor for 20th anniversary of Harry potter with magical animation using five keywords on post and comments. Some pranksters do improve it and make into a prank by typing #ran in comment box.The prank ended after easter egg.

If you still want to see the snake on your screen. You can download it on Google Play Store SNAKE SCREEN.

The apps don't need to type the hashtag to show the snake. They also have spiders, cockroach and other insects.